October 22, 2010

Dear Friends,

I just learned that the SLC prosecutor, Will Carlson, who aggressively sought to prosecute Tuva and me in the SLC Criminal Justice Court, is the one and same Will Carlson who is running against Doug Nelson for school board.

Last March, Tuva (wearing his leash and harness; he pulled away) chased a deer that died from stress. Finally, after months of hassle and at great cost to the SLC taxpayer, a new prosecutor asked for the case to be dismissed “in the name of justice”; the case was dismissed Oct. 20. (The subpoenaed witnesses did not want to testify against Tuva and me, either.) For months Carlson tried to intimidate me to pay huge fines and serve probation, which I would not accept. Then, unbeknownst to me, he reduced the charges from class B misdemeanors to infractions just before the pretrial, eliminating my right to a jury trial. It is important that this type of person not get a seat on our school board.

Please vote for Doug Nelson for school board on Nov. 2. Also, please consider posting a yard sign for Doug. I have yard signs on my front porch (532 D Street) for you to take; Doug also has signs available on his front porch (174 F Street). Let me know if you would like me to bring you a yard sign if it is more convenient.

Also, ask all your friends to vote for Doug Nelson. Doug’s district includes constituents in the Avenues, around Capitol Hill and to the west of West High School. I would appreciate your help with this since there is very little time left to get the word out.

Thanks so much for your help, considering a yard sign and for your vote for Doug Nelson for school board. This is an important election!